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Multimedia Journalism Reel

This is a compilation of my journalism reporting during my three and a half years at the University of North Florida. I had the opportunity to create many news packages and also anchor on Inside Jacksonville, a production of UNF students that aired on CW-17. 

1 Woman | 1 Minivan | 1 Dog |
3 Days in South Carolina

I took my first solo road trip to South Carolina in my Honda Odyssey to van camp, hike and do yoga in the mountains! This trip was very liberating and I can't wait to get on the road again.

Xtreme Exotics

This is a feature story I did on the owners of Xtreme Exotics pet shop about responsible exotic pet ownership that I just submitted to compete in the Broadcast Education Association Television News Feature competition. I am the reporter for the package, and I also filmed the interviews and the b-roll. I edited the footage with Adobe Premier Pro. This story aired on CW-17 during Inside Jacksonville, a production put on by my class at the University of North Florida. 

Marketing to the Generations

This is the first story I did for Inside Jacksonville. I had noticed how much trouble my internships were having marketing to different generation, and I wanted to do a story about it. I am the reporter for this package, and I filmed the interviews and b-roll. I also edited the story with Adobe Premier Pro. 

Mentally Healthy Lifestyle 

This is a story I did about living a mentally healthy lifestyle to go with the "Healthy Living" theme for Inside Jacksonville's October Edition. I am the reporter for the story, and I filmed the interviews and the b-roll. I also edited the footage using Adobe Premier Pro. 

Ewrim & Sam

During my internship at Bloomnet I met Sam Pflanz as she was planning her wedding. She mentioned she didn't have a wedding videographer, so I told her I would love to do her wedding for free to gain experience. I got what I asked for by filming her wedding with three cameras and one assistant. I spent Sam's wedding day as a fly on the wall with a camera in hand gathering as many beautiful moments as possible. After the wedding, I edited the footage together using Adobe Premier Pro. 

California Trip 2017

My previous significant other and I took a trip van camping around California in September, and we filmed the experience with our iPhones! I edited the footage with Adobe Premier Pro. We went hiking, rock climbing, four wheeling, and much more. Enjoy! 

Autobahn Indoor Speedway

During my internship with Buzz Media Group, I was the sports host for Buzz TV. This is an interview I hosted with Lauren Phillips from Autobahn Indoor Speedway. I also edited this video using multi-camera editing on Adobe Premier Pro. 

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