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Marketing Intern

While attending my final semester as a senior at the University of North Florida I completed an internship as the marketing intern for Bloomnet. I managed marketing channels in an e-commerce environment, running social media accounts and campaigns for three district brands. This included updating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Bloomnet, Floriology Institute, Napco Imports, and Think Florist. Also, updating blogs hosted on Wordpress, Droupal, and American Eagle commerce sites.

            During my internship I was in charge of all things video. I filmed and edited multiple videos for the website each week, as well as for the Floriology Institute website.

One of my first tasks while I started my internship at Bloomnet was to create a video studio for them and present the proposed budget to Bloomnet’s president Mark Nance. I researched and developed an entire multi-camera video studio equip with camcorders, tripods, monitors, wireless lavaliere microphones, acoustic tiles, editing software, back drops, set flooring, and more.

            I developed a content plan for a series of 2018 spring and garden trend videos for Napco Imports. This included directing and filming a series of eight videos. I then edited the trend videos weekly using Adobe Premier Pro, striving to learn something new each time. I created a social media schedule to push out each of the videos weekly at a key posting time to generate the maximum amount of clicks to the Napco website and ultimately increase sales. I also managed a weekly content blogging schedule for the Bloomnet blog and the Floriology Institute blog, sharing each blog to social media.

            I hosted three webinars with my supervisor Renato Sogueco and the director of education for Florioriology Institute, Jackie Lacey AIFD. The first webinar I did was about the best practices for posting to Facebook for florists.

I developed a PowerPoint presentation where I covered posting photos vs. videos, the key days and times to post throughout the week, duration and content of posts, posting quality content, knowing your target demographics, posting consistently, engaging with fans, keeping track of how your marketing effort have gone so far, and figuring out how to better your marketing efforts in the future using Facebook analytics. We recorded the webinar as a live Facebook video where Renato, Jackie and I reviewed all of the topics, and it was recorded on as well.

            The second webinar I did was about the best practices for posting to Instagram where we covered photography tips, quality photos, use of graphics, use of hashtags, suggested content, content themes, key posting times, and using video. I created the PowerPoint for this webinar and we were recorded live on

            The third webinar we hosted was about creating photos and videos to reach maximum impact. During this live, on-camera webinar we covered how to hold a video shoot or photo shoot with just a smartphone. It was a very beneficial webinar that viewers said, “should have been longer because there was so much great information.”

Internship Summary
Bloomnet Facebook Analytics

Throughout my internship at Bloomnet, I was in charge of trying new social media strategies and adapting to each change. As you can see, we had significant changes throughout the course of my internship, but by the end the hard word payed off and we gained more follower and a higher engagement overall. 

Floriology Institute Facebook Analytics 

These are the analytics for the Floriology Institute Facebook page. The engagement and reach dropped off throughout the semester due to multiple hurricane donation campaigns this semester. 

Napco Facebook Analytics

As you can see, the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trends had a positive affect on the overall reach. The page consumptions fluctuated but ultimately stayed consistent, while the page engaged users gradually increased after dropping off in August. 

2018 Napco Spring and Garden Trends

One of my biggest projects during this internship has been putting together a series of videos introducing The 2018 Napco Imports Spring and Garden trend lines. I directed, filmed, and edited each of these videos. For each of these videos I also created the thumbnail image shown for each video using 

Vintage Garden

Introducing the first theme of the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trends, Vintage Garden. This video was directed and filmed by me, and I edited it as well using Adobe Premier Pro. I experimented with the speed in this video and I really enjoyed how it looked, so I decided to keep it and use it in the rest of the videos to maintain a consistent theme. I also created the thumbnail image shown below using 

Smokey Blush

In this video we introduced the Smokey Blush line of the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trends. I played around with Ultra Key in Adobe Premier Pro and put green screen footage over some parts of the video to make the products stand out and sparkle.  

Lapis Dreams

Introducing the Lapis Dreams Line of the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trends. I played around with the costal theme a lot in this video to give it a relaxing feel. 


Honeysuckle is a Napco trend line based off the popular campaign #SavetheBees.

This video is about the Honeysuckle line and the different pieces you can find in the 2018 trends. I filmed and edited this video as well as created the thumbnail image shown below. 

Botanical Bliss

The Botanical Bliss line of the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trends. I filmed this, and while filming I experimented more with different types of b-roll. I got b-roll from different angles that I wouldn't normally get. 

Rusted Roots

Introducing the Rusted Roots line of the 2018 Napco Spring and Garden trend line. I directed and filmed this footage, then I edited it with Adobe Premier Pro. I also created the thumbnail image using 

Design Time!

This is one of the Design Time videos. I filmed this video and many other similar to it. We did them just like this as a live feed weekly on Facebook as well. After I filmed the videos, I edited them with Adobe Premier Pro, then uploaded them to Youtube and Facebook. 

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