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What the Hell is Mercury Retrograde?

Three to five times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit.

As it passes earth, Mercury slows down and appears to stop and spin backward.

It’s not really moving backward, but much like two cars passing each other, it creates the optical illusion that Mercury is going backward.

Mercury rules technology, travel and communication, so during Mercury retrograde, these things can get crazy.

When this happens, our thinking can get foggy, communication can get messy, and scheduling requires lots of flexibility and patience.

Since Mercury Retrograde has become such a known and popular thing, there’s more attention brought to it with memes and just about everyone is blaming mercury retrograde for everything.

I’ve seen a lot of posts from people saying, “Why does it feel like mercury is always in retrograde?”

I personally believe it has gotten so popular because the Universe is bringing awareness to the challenges in or out of retrograde.

These are all tests for us to grow and we are being called to grow faster and more intensely than ever before as we evolve as a species.

We are all faced with many challenges in or out of mercury retrograde, but it’s up to us on how we face each challenge.

Depending on how you deal with that challenge, if you handle it, learn from it and conquer it, you won’t be faced with that challenge again.

If you don’t learn from it and instead play the victim role and blame everything on mercury being in retrograde, there’s a high chance the universe is going to give you a very similar challenge next week to deal with.

This is the spiritual journey.

Can you maintain a commitment to happiness through all that mercury retrograde and life will throw at you?

Will we play the victim and blame everything on mercury retrograde?

Or will we start taking responsibility for things and overcoming challenges with a positive mindset and strong will?

This month, I’m grateful I’ve gotten by without many, if any challenges, but last retrograde wasn’t as forgiving.

I spent 4 hours driving around San Francisco [with a travel trailer] trying to meet up with friends on Halloween but not succeeding until around midnight.

We all sent the wrong gps locations about three times each.

It required a lot of patience, forgiveness, and a strong positive mindset after all of that, but we got through it and grew from the experience none the less.

So the game I want to invite you to play, during and after this mercury retrograde period, is that anytime you’re faced with a challenge, face it with a PMA (as my grandma calls it) a Positive Mental Attitude.

See if you can find the best and find the growth in each situation and take responsibility without blaming the planets.


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