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Life is a Journey

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Embrace the adventure. Believe you can do anything. Be Fearless. Follow your heart. Seize every moment. Chase your dreams. Create your own happiness. Live boldly. Be brave & wild at heart. Change the world. Find joy in the little things. Live with intention.

Don't Rush Your Life

This life is a journey. There's no award for who gets there first. Time flies and it all goes by too fast anyways. Living in the present moment is where it's at because all we have is here and now. Not two hours in the future preparing for what's next, not thinking back about how a previous conversation was handled, but right here right now, reading this blog and taking it in with an open mind. If I am not fully present, I am missing out on the journey. Living in the moment is to live an awakened life. We can only learn from the past.

"There's Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself" -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear doesn't exist. Depression doesn't exist. Anxiety doesn't exist. The more we can let go and have faith, the more we can experience and enjoy! We can't be afraid to get out, talk to new people, join new groups, learn new hobbies, experience the world and try new things because that's living! The courage to do what's right must overcome the fear of anything bad that could occur.

Stand tall, shoulders back, block our nervousness, and run the show. The same signals run through the brain when we are both nervous and excited. The moment we feel nervous, just change that feeling to being excited about it and watch the nervousness drift away.

Back in my cheerleading days my ways of getting over nervousness was by mentally viewing the nervous butterflies flying around my tummy, then visualizing all of them flying in formation. Remember, we are meant to be in every situation we are in. It's our job to find our purpose in each situation. "Fear is the cheapest room in the house, and I'd like to see you with better living conditions." - Poet Hafiz

More to Life

It's important for us to change the ways our brains are programmed to feel happy. The dopamine released when we receive a text or get a 'like' on a picture is the same exact dopamine released when we accomplish a personal goal. If we change the ways we look for that dopamine release, we can have more fulfilled lives with a higher purpose that in turn creates more productive and healthier ways to achieve joy. Our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we allow them to. If we open up and allow changes to be made, we will see an incredible and fulfilling influx of joy and happiness.

Be Yourself

You are strong. You are creative. You are wise. You are beautiful in every way. You are loved. You are admired. You are a leader. You are self-adoring. You are grateful. You are worthy. You are protected. You are compassionate. You are helpful. You are appreciated. You are valued. You are loyal. You are Divine. You are everything.

Enjoy and Be Grateful

In my spiritual journey, I want to develop the art that awakens the Divine within me. This whole universe has been given to us as a gift. The Divine Pachamama just wants to be free & dance & sing in all of her beauty. She creates the sunrise, artistically painting every cloud and light beam in the sky. She then places me on the beach at the perfect moments of each day for me to enjoy and experience the Divine perfection. She wants to enjoy the sunrise through me. So that I am able to feel it and open up to enjoy it to the fullest for Her. Doing this in every experience is like providing candy to the soul, to Pachamama. Doing this enhances every experience because we are experiencing it from a Diving point of view.

Here and NowThe key is to always be present. Be content (maybe even happy), enjoy, and be grateful for the present. That is all that truly exists. We have the freedom to place ourselves wherever we want in the present (and in time with the power of our intelligent minds). We have the capabilities to mentally and physically take ourselves out of negative situations and make ourselves happier. We have the power to think ahead and say, "I can't wait for the future when I am going to be ________ doing _________ and I'll have _________!"

Well, we all come to find out that even when we're getting and doing exactly what we said we wanted, we'll realize we couldn't enjoy it properly. We'll reach success, and get the things we've always dreamt of, but won't have the connection and stillness within ourselves to be able to appreciate it, be grateful and connected. Example: I live ON the beach (basically heaven, thanks dad), and if I didn't have the awareness to live in the present moment, to enjoy and be grateful for the beauty in my backyard each and every day, I could be passing up sunrises and sunsets with lessons in each cloud. We must learn to be content in all situations to enjoy the best ones.


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