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Create Your Own Sunshine

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The sun is so strong, powerful, and beautiful. It's light is so bright it lights up the whole world. The perfect amount. For the perfect amount of time. The light of the sun reflects off of everything around us. It reflects off the clouds painting colorful pictures in the sky with bright beautiful reflection we could never be capable of recreating. But we are capable of enjoying the art. And we are capable of mimicking the sun.

Every day we shine our light. Just as the sun. Our light reflects on everyone we come into contact with. How we portray our light determines the weather all around us. We have to create our own light, not expecting others to shine for us. But they will because they have their own light and it will reflect off of us. We can't mistake their light for ours although it is one in the same.

We create our own weather!

If we shine brightly we create a beautiful ambiance in our lives, in our homes, in our communities.

If we are dim, others can use their light to reflect onto us to brighten us up.

If we are sad, we rain, tears.

If we are angry, we generate heat and create forest fires.

If we are depressed, we go into our caves not allowing our light to be seen or reflected. Not allowing other's light in either.

If we shine bright enough, we light up the world.

When we shine our light, we create space for others to shine as well. We create a beautiful, bright, vivid community of people, sunbeams. A Divine reflection of light. A perfect picture.


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