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Connecting with Your Higher Self

First: Morgan, what do you mean by Higher Self?

Your Higher Self

Aka True Self

Aka The Guides

Aka The Universe

Aka God

Aka Source

Aka Energy

Aka - Whatever you want to call IT!

It's everything and no thing.

He and She.

Inside of you and inherently within everything you see, experience, touch, love and don't love.

Everything is made up of energy.

Let's break this down:

We have a body, the body is made of muscles, tissues, bones, blood.

All of which that is made up of cells.

The cells are made up of molecules.

The molecules are made up of atoms.

Atoms are made up of Subatomic Particles.

And Subatomic particles are made up of... ENERGY.

This energy is 0.000001% matter.

Okay, you're starting to get it.

Since we are ONE with this infinite energy as it is literally what we are made of, we have the POWER to tap into it at any time.

Okay, so how do I connect with it?

My simply {complex} answer: Just Be. You are always connected with it.

You are one with it. But throughout our lives, we are taught and inhibited with the notion of separation.

Separation from others, separation from God, separation from the trees and from everything.

Most of our daily lives are spent in a lower consciousness where we are here to survive. We wake up, eat, go to work, go to the gym, see a friend at the bar on the way home, watch the news, go to bed, wake up and repeat... survival mode, which is a byproduct of living in the modern age.

It can be a bit of a paradox. You're connected always, but in this human body, you feel the separation more than you feel the connection. Feeling the connection or the unity takes strengthening, like going to the gym to strengthen your muscles, it's important to strengthen those spiritual oneness muscles too.

How do I strengthen my Oneness Muscles?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

These days, research has show that humans have a shorter attention spans than goldfish!

It turns out that throughout 18 years, the average human attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

That makes it pretty difficult to connect with your higher self if you don't have the patience or attention span to learn or try. Most people sit down to meditate, give it 5 minutes and try it 3 times then give up because they "can't do it."

You're not going find oneness in your first 5 minutes of meditating unless you're on some good psychedelics.

Ways to practice:

  • Meditation - Let your thoughts go. Ask for your Higher Self to speak through you. Be quiet and patient. Be receptive.

  • Journaling

  • Keep your vibration high

  • Keep your energy and chakras clear

  • Mindfulness

  • Rituals/ Disciplined Routines

  • Spending quality time in nature

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