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7 Benefits of Beach Yoga

As yoga has become more popular over the years, we have all been told by at least one friend or family, "You should try yoga!"

At first, you think "Glorified stretching? Mmm, I'll pass." But after hearing the benefits and that you can do it on the beach, you decide to give it a shot!

Benefit #1

Calm the Mind

When we have control of our thoughts and have the power to calm the mind, we create a deep inner peace within ourselves that changes the way we do life! Yoga is a great teacher for calming the mind, and a great life teacher as well. I use the things I practice in yoga to help me every day!

Benefit #2

Connect with Nature

Spending time in nature is so important to remember. It can be so comfortable to be home and in bed that we forget to put our toes in the sand or sit with a tree, but when we do so it taps into our evolutionary roots and helps us not only ground ourselves but also help connect us to our higher selves.

Benefit #3

Vitamin Sea - Ocean Air

Studies by the Lung Health Institute have shown that those who breathe in more ocean air have a tendency to have thinner mucus, decreased sinus pressure, reduced coughing, and improved lung function! The ocean air also produces negative ions helping us to absorb oxygen easier, naturally boosting serotonin, levels leaving us more relaxed and happier! Salt also has antibacterial properties, allowing us to recover faster from any infections or bacteria we may have picked up!

Benefit #4

Vitamin D

Our bodies need lots of vitamin D to feel happy, healthy and sufficient as it is essential for us to regulate phosphate and calcium. A lack of vitamin D can lead to autoimmune disease and MS. It's important for us to get sufficient vitamin D to keep our bones and muscles happy!

Benefit #5


Earthing or grounding is a therapeutic technique of walking barefoot on the earth to help electrically connect us back to the frequency of the earth. By walking barefoot in the sand and doing yoga on the beach, we gain access to these benefits! Benefits include increased energy levels, decreased inflammation, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased serotonin and dopamine levels.

Benefit #6

Wave Rhythms

The sound of the ocean naturally puts us into a meditative state. Add the breath, plus movement and you've got a one way ticket to heaven on earth! One of the most important aspects of yoga is the breath, which helps calm the mind and oxygenate the body. By matching the rhythm of our breath with the rhythm of the ocean waves, we can put ourselves into a flow state which raises our vibration to that of peace, joy and happiness.

Benefit #7

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

When we try something new, we are allowing the God/The Universe a chance to give us a new opportunity or a new gift. We may not know how it will go, but unless we choose to trust and give it a shot, we'll never know and we could miss out on finding true bliss, happiness, and inner peace. With temporary discomfort comes emotional strength, personal growth and spiritual reward!

Join me, Morgan Yonge, for My Yoga Jax beach yoga every Sunday at 8AM, Tuesday at 7AM, and Thursday at 7AM at 11 1st St. N. behind Four Points.


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