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When we raise our vibration, we open ourselves up to Universal super powers!!

Through energy clearing and releasing limiting beliefs, we will break patterns of any negativity and open ourselves up to abundance and possibilities! Life gets easier and things seem to flow effortlessly from this space of clarity.

During this half day workshop we will raise and transform energetic vibration through dancing, sound therapy, connecting to nature, gratitude, mantras/ affirmations, breath work, group meditation and lots of fun activities!

Once the energy is high and we are all vibrating at a Universal level, we then have the ability to physically heal ourselves, manifest what we desire, and develop a deeper connection with our Higher Self!

You will also learn tools and ways to integrate these practices into your life so you can keep your vibration high, stay in your power, and flow through life with ease and presence!

[This event is only open to 20 people]

Early Bird Pricing $15 {Early Bird Pricing Deadline 2/14}
After midnight on 2/14, pricing is $20

Payments made through Eventbrite, Venmo @morganyonge or cash at the door!

The VIP Chakra Experience is $50 and this includes your event ticket. I will guide you through an experience of each of the chakras, healing and aligning them through frequencies, affirmations, chanting, mudras and more! You will also learn about each of the chakras and leave with a full folder in hand that teaches you how to align all of the chakras when you're on your own. The VIP experience will be from 4:30-6PM after the event.

Email with questions.

Claim your spot now:

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