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empowering high performers
to thrive beyond work

M.Y. Services





One on one virtual coaching

1. Peak Performance Programming:

  • Navigate 9 key life areas for holistic optimization.

  • Align personal relationships and health with professional success.

2. CEO Identity Framework:

  • Adapt seamlessly to diverse roles and situations.

  • Step into your best self beyond the confines of a busy professional mode

​3. Habit Stacking Method:

  • Transform subconscious routines into intentional habits.

  • Support professional achievements while nurturing relationships and health.


Elevate your life with confidence, grace, and vitality.




  1. Dynamic Speaker Experience:

    • Deliver impactful talks on peak performance programming.

    • Share insights on the CEO Identity Framework for versatile leadership.

  2. Engaging Audiences Worldwide:

    • Tailor messages for various roles and high-performance needs.

    • Bring passion and expertise to captivate diverse audiences.

  3. Inspiring Best Self in Every Situation:

    • Speak on adapting to roles beyond the professional sphere.

    • Empower audiences to embrace their best selves in any context.

  4. Transformative Habit Stacking Insights:

    • Share methods to shift from reactive to intentional habits.

    • Discuss fostering holistic success in relationships and health.

Crafting compelling narratives, Morgan brings expertise to diverse audiences, inspiring positive transformations in peak performance, leadership, and intentional living.

Morgan in upward facing dog on the beach

Private Yoga

  • Customized to your desires and your goals

  • Beach yoga, the Crunch Harbor Village Heated Studio, my house, or yours

  • Leave feeling energized, aligned, mobile, accomplished, relaxed, and focused

Crystal Singing Bowl


Sound baths

  • 7 Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Steel Tongue Drum

  • Guided Meditation

  • Leave feeling relaxed, centered, and at peace

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