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About Morgan

Hi! My name is Morgan Yonge!


I'm a purpose-driven intuitive with a passion for helping
people achieve their desires and have the most fun in the unfolding journey of life.

As a full time real estate agent, I love teaching the masses about manifesting their dream home and achieving their financial goals through real estate investing. I advise on both residential and commercial real estate, as well as new construction, and investments/flips.

I am an inspiration speaker, focusing on the topics of owning our power, defying limiting beliefs, and achieving the lofty goals and dreams we set out to accomplish. 

Another passion of mine is helping people find inner peace and happiness as a "Happiness Coach." I used to say Life Coach, but I found happiness coach to be more fitting, as that's the goal of life is to make it through and be happy doing it! There's no use if we take everything so seriously that it's not fun anymore! 


I am an energetic, positive and highly motivated person dedicated to helping people decrease stress and increase happiness in all areas of life! My favorite ways to help people connect are through yoga, breath work, meditation, dance, sound healing, and chakra healing.

In my spare time, I enjoy acrobatics, aerial lyra, dancing, golfing, and traveling. I believe the spiritual journey is the most important journey in one's life, and yes, we can do it alone, but I love how fast we grow as a collective. 

Much Love,


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